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“I like the Corknot device because it makes these surgeries even quicker. When I see that we’re not using the device, I literally ask why are we not using Corknot this time?”Nurse C. MdeniCharlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital

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Dr Barry Barnard - What is a nice benefit of Corknot? How does it help you?

Dr Kleinloog - What has been your experience with the Corknot device?


Founded in March 2012, Kingfisher Medical has established itself as a reputable
supplier of surgical tools throughout South Africa. Whether it’s orthopaedic surgery, cardiac surgery or microsurgery, our goal remains the same. We want to enable you to do your best and take you from good to better to best, and then repeat.

Our dedicated team of product specialists work hard to ensure that you always have the right tools for all your surgeries.


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