About Us

Founded in March 2012, Kingfisher Medical has established itself as a reputable
supplier of surgical tools throughout South Africa. Whether it’s orthopaedic surgery, cardiac surgery or microsurgery, our goal remains the same. We want to enable you to do your best and take you from good to better to best, and then repeat.

Our dedicated team of product specialists work hard to ensure that you always have the right tools for all your surgeries.


Learn & Share

We’re continuously improving our knowledge to ensure that we give you the best advice.

Make it Happen

The way we work with you ensures that we continuously make things happen for you.

Beyond Expectations

Imagine having your cake, and being able to eat it. We want to ensure your success.

Our Promise To You

When you hand over the dough it’s not the end of the show

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Aron Grinshtein

Chief Executive Officer

Shira Grinshtein

chief operating officer

Abraham Grinshtein

Sales & Success Leader

Hannah Yachad

Sales & Success Leader


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